Our OEM Products

Step by step, we ensure that we fulfill customers’ requirements in delivering products of the highest quality on time and effectively.

The Process

Product Briefing

In order to understand buyer’s requests, a briefing session will be carried out with our sales representatives to determine the suitable formulations needed for the product.

Unit Cost Calculation

Calculation of unit cost will be done for the quotation to be prepared.

Product Trials

Samples will be delivered to the buyer within 1-2 weeks after confirmation of formulation has been made.

Product Revision

Based on buyer’s feedback, the product will be revised as necessary.

Select packaging & order confirmation

After deciding the final formula and packaging, 50% of total payment will need to be made as deposit before the start of production.


After the first payment has been made, the production team will begin the manufacturing process in order to deliver the products within the stipulated timeline.

Product Registration

During the production, we will help your product to apply different license from different association such as KKM, HALAL, and various lab test certificate if needed.

Packing & Shipment

Upon completion of the production stage, packing and shipment will be carried for products to be delivered to the destination.

After Sales Service

To increase maximise customer satisfaction, after-sales service will be provided by our professional staff.


Customer feedback is essential in helping us to improve our products and services for better quality and satisfaction.